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Conversational Commerce

Gather High Quality Leads through ubiquitous messaging

Trust & Privacy

Private messaging provides users with privacy and data security, increasing the likelihood of capturing a high quality lead.

GDPR Compliant

All our work is GDPR compliant. We'll guide you to ensure that all data gathered is processed privately and legally.


Our AI messaging technologies facilitate lead generation messaging across WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Pinterest, SMS/Text, Skype and the Web.

Flat Fee

We bill you for the use of our tech. If you gather 100 or 10,000 leads, our fee stays the same.

Messaging is the most widely used medium of communication.
Blue Robot facilitates lead generation via all messaging platforms.

Using AI powered technology, we're able to walk a user through a seamless journey to gather relevant information. Our tech validates all data as it is captured and the completion rates are high as a result of the private, conversational nature of chat.
Seamless Integration
We can feed qualified leads directly into your CRM system. We support all leading CRM systems.
AI Boosted
Artificial Intelligence can validate responses, adjust responses to the user's input and understand intent.
Trusted Partner
Having built more than 1,500 messaging solutions across Twitter, Facebook and the Web, you're in safe hands. As a certified Facebook Marketing Partner, you know you're working with a solutions partner that can unlock the full extend of WhatsApp and Messenger too.
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