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How Africa's largest
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Tweet to Unlock

Reward Customers

A Retweet or Like unlocks exclusive deals, coupons or content.

Drive Conversation

Users engaging with your content to unlock something exclusive drives the conversation about your brand on Twitter.

Coupon Integration

We can work with your coupons for seamless integration at checkout.

Tweet to Unlock rewards customers who engage with a Tweet by unlock exclusive content or deals. This is also a great tool to runn competitions on Twitter.

Drive engagement, action, and sales.
Opt In
An initial Tweet targeted to your audience offers them an exlcusive deal by retweeting or liking the Tweet.
Instant or Scheduled Response
Personal responses are sent to the user immediately or at a scheduled date and time.
Flexible Reward Options
Use a generic discount code or deliver personal coupons to each user to introduce an element of suprise.
Example Launch Tweet
Example Response Tweet