| Competition

Connect with your audience on
Instagram & reward them.

Reward Customers

Reward engagement or user generated content with a prize.

Drive Conversation

Users engaging with your content to enter a competition drives the conversation about your brand on Instagram.

Fully compliant and scalable

Run fully compliant competitions on Instagram that will meet the platform guidelines and pass any competition audit.

Encourage mass engagement & reward users for participating. This experience also allows you to increase audience reach.

scalable, compliant and best in class execution.
Entry mechanics
We offer flexibility on entry mechanics as we know each competition and campaign is unique.
Entry capturing
We store the entries for you in real time so that you can announce winners when you need to while having a accurate estimate of entries at all times.
Winner announcement
We don't limit you on the number of winners that you announce and offer different options that will help you achieve the best performance.

Supported Triggers


Ask users to @Mention your brand in order to enter the competition.

#Hashtag mention

Drive mentions of specific #hashtags by including this in your entry criteria.

Keyword / phrase

Use Keywords, phrases or Emojis as part of your competition entry mechanic to incentivise users for the behaviour you want from them.

User created post

Drive user generated content by asking users to create a new post while tagging /@mentioning your brand to enter your competition.

Comments on a specific post

Limit entries to specific competition posts to ensure no users are included by accident.

Campaign specific combination

We offer full flexibility on combining our entry mechanics as we know that each campaign, client or scenario will be different and you shouldn't be limited to set entry mechanics or combinations.