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Fox celebrates fans
with interactive
photo mosaics

Celebrate Fans

The photo mosaic experiences builds out an interactive mosaic using your fans' profile pictures. Opt in is typically achieved through conversation with the brand that includes a unique #hashtag.

Delight & Hold

The mosaic experience typically keeps users interacted for between 3-8 minutes - placing your brand front and center.

Break out of Digital

Talk to us about how leading brands have made use of the user generated photo mosaic in real world situations such as out of home display, flags in football stadiums, wallpaper and more.

The Photo Mosiac experience is a uniquely visual, immersive experience that celebrates your fans and keeps them connected.

Celebrate Social Conversation
The photo mosaic experience is the best way to celebrate a conversation on social media. Our technology catches all posts related to a #hashtag and @handle combination, and builds out an interactive photo mosaic. Each participating user is able to find themselves within the mosaic. All contributed images can be moderated before they’re included into the mosaic.
Prizes are also able to be hidden within the photo mosaic for increased time spent navigating.
Drive & Measure Twitter Conversations
The photo mosaic is able to track conversation on Twitter. A conversation is represented by any #hashtag and @handle denoting a subject matter. Our mosaic technology can handle up to 100,000 unique images but can also build a successful mosaic with as little as 200 images.
Explore & Engage
Users spend an average of 2 minutes exploring our photo mosaics, and each image is clickable, launching the original post that contributed that unique image. Clickable posts direct the user back to Twitter when clicked again, increasing engagement after a conversation has already unfolded.
AI -powered moderation
All images are automatically moderated for profanity and appropriateness with our AI engine. User-moderation takes place after this to ensure complete compliance.
Example Launch Tweet
Example Mosaic
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