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How does F1 drive tune ins for live races?
Twitter Reminders

Drive Action at a Set Time

Ensure tune-ins for a live event with Twitter Reminders.

Trusted by Broadcasters

Broadcasters and film studios trust Blue Robot to remind customers to tune-in for live events.
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Serialized Content

Deliver a series of snackable content and reminders at specific times to maintain interest.

Twitter TV

TV & Twitter go hand in hand. Fans love to join the conversation about live events and live conversations unfold on Twitter.

Reminders on Twitter are a highly effective way to ensure mass tune-in to a live event.

Twitter and TV go hand in hand. 95% of all public social media conversation about TV happens on Twitter. Ensure viewership & engagement at the right time with an opt-in, leaned in audience on Twitter.
Opt In
An initial Tweet targeted to your audience offers them live reminders for upcoming events.
Scheduled Reminders
Personal reminders are sent to each user privately within the framework of Twitter's policies.
Users can opt out at any time and our service offering is completely GDPR compliant.
Example Launch Tweet
Example Reminder Tweet
Example Reminder Tweet

Broadcasters & film studios across the globe trust us to launch new events.

A live launch can be critical to a make or break result. See who trusts us to launch their new films and live events.