Branded Notifications
Highly effective way to ensure mass tune-in to a live event.

Twitter and TV go hand in hand. 95% of all public social media conversation about TV happens on Twitter. Ensure viewership & engagement at the right time with an opt-in, leaned in audience on Twitter.
Drive Action at a Set Time
Ensure tune-ins for a live event with Twitter Branded Notification.
Trusted by Broadcasters
Broadcasters and film studios trust Blue Robot to remind customers to tune-in for live events.
Twitter & TV
TV & Twitter go hand in hand. Fans love to join the conversation about live events and live conversations unfold on Twitter.
Example Launch Tweet
Example Launch Tweet
Example Launch Tweet

Broadcasters & film studios across the globe trust us to launch new events.

A live launch can be critical to a make or break result. See who trusts us to launch their new films and live events.