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How did Budweiser delight fans & celebrate the FIFA World Cup?
Image Overlay

Delight Your Audience

An interaction on Twitter rewards your audience with a personal image reply that includes their own profile or Tweeted image.

AI Moderation

AI moderates images for profanity before a human moderates the final result.

GDPR & Policy Compliant

We are GDPR compliant and work closely with Twitter to ensure that our experiences meet their automation policies at all times.

Image Overlays are a great way for a brand to delight their fans with automatically generated images that incorporate the fan's profile image.

All generated images pass through a layer of AI for automatic detection of inappropriate images before being passed to a human-managed queue for final approval.
Opt In
In this case, Budweiser used a Conversation Card on Twitter to drive a response & opt in.
Instant or Scheduled Response
Personal responses using the user's profile image can be generated instantly or sent at a later stage.
Full Moderation
We combine Artificial Intelligence and good old fashioned human moderation to ensure a brand safe outcome.
Example Launch Tweet
Example Response Tweet