WhatsApp Chat Bot Developers South Africa

WhatsApp for Business

Embrace the power of the globe's most prolific chat application to enhance customer service & drive sales.

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Use Cases

Customer Support

Deliver 24/7 automated customer support with full natural language understanding capabilities.

Lead Generation 

Gather customer data to deliver a hyper focused sales experience.    


Provide live support to your customers via WhatsApp. Blue Robot can provide deep systems integration to deliver fully personalised support.


Support your guests with event information and access to ask about anything they need.

Quiz & Survey

Entertain your customers with quizzes & competitions. Run surveys to understand your customers better.

Serialised Content Delivery

Deliver exclusive, regular content to build customer loyalty and drive brand uplift.

Creative Canvas


Don't underestimate the power of text. Natural language capabilities allow brands to interact with consumers in a way that is intuitive & human.


Rich media enhances the experience, giving brands the opportunity to deliver totally immersive content.


Location sharing helps guide customers to physical stores.


Share a contact card based on the needs of a customer.


Share product brochures or other relevant documents that the customer may need.


Audio messages are a great way to share snackable content.

Our Work

Adidas London wanted to engage the city's football fans in a unique way with a WhatsApp chatbot. They trusted Blue Robot to deliver a high volume, highly personalised WhatsApp chatbot that was fully GDPR compliant.