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Best way to launch
the new electric Porsche?
Trigger on a Like

The Simplest Opt In

Using a simple Like of a Tweet to opt a user in is the lowest friction way that you can get permission to interact with that user in future on Twitter.

GDPR Compliant

We've run hundreds of campaigns for leading brands. We've jumped through hoops and debated with lawyers. We know GDPR.

Harness Twitter's Super Power

News breaks on Twitter first, so why wouldn't the news of your new product? The Trigger on a Like feature helps your brand take advantage of Twitter's super power.

Twitter is where news breaks first.
The trigger on a harnesses Twitter's super power and helps launch new products to a leaned in & engaged audience.

Launch a new product, deliver serialized content over a period of time, remind your audience to tune in to a live event... the opportunities are endless.
Blue Robot brings brands peace of mind that scheduled content will be delivered as scheduled through our robust automation engine. Oh, and everything we do is also fully GDPR compliant.
Opt In
An initial Tweet targeted to your audience offers them future content by simply liking the Tweet. (once opted in, the user always has an opt out option available)
Distribute Scheduled Content
Individual Tweets are sent to the users at pre-scheduled times as dark Tweets. This means that the replies to each user do not appear on the brand timeline on Twitter. All Tweets sent can include the usual rich media that Twitter supports.
Post Campaign Reporting
Unpack your campaign with Blue Robot's reports, to understand reach, opt ins, earned media and general sentiment around the campaign.
Example Launch Tweet
Example Response Tweet