Chat Bots on Twitter DM

Messaging on Twitter

Twitter's Direct Messaging offers brands the ability to create personal dialogues on the most instant platform available, where news breaks faster than anywhere else.

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Use Cases

Customer Support

Customer care happens on Twitter. Enhance your brands availability and response times with a 24/7 chatbot that serves common requests.

Lead Generation 

Brands launch new products on Twitter. Take this further down the funnel by gathering qualified customer leads.

Product Launches

Entertain and inform customers during product launches with interactive "Product Configurators".


Support your guests with live event information and access to ask about anything they need.

Surveys & Insights

Work with our Research & Insights team to ask questions and get them answered and analysed in record time.

Serialised Content Delivery

Deliver exclusive, regular content to build customer loyalty and drive brand uplift.

Creative Canvas


Don't underestimate the power of text. Natural language capabilities allow brands to interact with consumers in a way that is intuitive & human.

Video & Images

Rich media enhances the experience, giving brands the opportunity to deliver totally immersive content.

Click to DM

Start a private conversation with a public Tweet.

Quick Reply

Offer a simple menu of possible responses to streamline the user experience.

Clickable Actions

Take a public action from a private message, such as visiting a website or Tweeting.

Long Term Context

Pick up a conversation where the user left off a while back, retaining long term context of what's been said previously.