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The biggest challenge in creating an automated dialogue with your customer? Sounding human, acting human & fully leveraging the intimacy of chat.
We're a tech company but our humans are our heartbeat. Having built more than 2,000 chatbots across social platforms, we understand the nuances that help brands sound personal.

Messaging places your brand front and centre of the most used app-category on your customer's phone.

Whether your brand is wanting to entertain, provide day to day utility or make use of messaging to gather research and insights, chatbots offer the most direct method of communication with your customers.
Regardless of which platform you plan to deploy a chatbot on, Blue Robot offers a standardised AI technology architecture that makes core functionality available, including:

  • Natural Language Understanding
  • Context
  • Learning
  • Blue Robot's Long Term Context
Supported Platforms
We can deliver your messaging experience on Twitter, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Text, Web and Pinterest.

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We've helped to solve various challenges - some of the common applications of messaging for brands include Brand Building, Events, Customer Support and Research.