We use conversational tech (chatbots) to help brands
gather rapid consumer insights.

Here's how we can help your brand gain a competitive edge.

Rapid Data Collection

Traditional surveys take months & place your business at a competitive disadvantage. Blue Robot Insights delivers reliable results in days, allowing you to make decisions on how consumers feel right now.


We take advantage of our proven social messaging capabilities to gather consumer insights. Chat enables a discreet & private data gathering solution.

Public or Closed Samples

We can work with a consumer sample provided by the brand or target publically accessible audiences on Twitter to gather insights.

Levels of Service

We can simply facilitate the technical aspects of running your survey, or we can provide an end-to-end service that designs your survey, gathers data and analyses results.

Cost Effective

Build your research & insights cost effectively with large, reliable sample sizes. Our typical costs are approximately 120 to that of traditional survey solutions.

Build Opt-In Audiences

We can deliver GDPR compliant opt-in audiences for follow on surveys.

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