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Case Study
Mr D wanted to engage their users on Spotify by shifting the idea of just “digging in”, to creating a music experience with food that would ultimately serve the users a personalised playlist from the Brand.

  • Users were invited to participate in a quiz, “Beats by Mr D”, where they had to answer a maximum of 5 questions in order to receive a unique personalised playlist, this was based on their eating habits and the type of takeaways they enjoy the most. The questions were fun and cheeky, keeping the user engaged at all times.
  • By leveraging a variety of rich media such as images and GIFS within the quiz, the Brand was able to position themselves as more relatable and personal in the eyes of their audience and as a result, we saw an 88% completion rate of this particular experience, which is exceptional.
  • Not only did Mr D Food promote the Playlist Generator through Spotify Banners, they also went on to include it in their Mailers as well as pushed the campaign through the Mr D Food App in order to help boost the campaign reach. These two approaches combined was key to their success.
  • Once the user had answered all quiz questions put forward by Mr D, they were served a call-to-action to open Spotify where the playlist was automatically saved and added to the user’s library for them to enjoy, indefinitely.

  • Key Stats
    • Average time spent on microsite: 57 seconds
    • Total Custom playlists created: 1,895
    • Total Completion Rate: 91.9%
    • Completion rate (desktop): 88.7%
    • Completion rate (mobile): 92.2%

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