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Case Study
By using Blue Robot's Reminder Experience, Twitter users were able to Retweet a Tweet to be given exclusive access to the #NFT cameras drop before the general public.

  • Challenge: How do we reward our audience for their engagement whilst driving sign ups and NFT sales?
  • Big Idea: Twitter is the optimal online destination for conversations; especially around NFT’s. Building an audience database ahead of an NFT drop would encourage users to engage and reward them with early access to sign ups and latest NFT content drops.
  • Solution: Blue Robot’s Reminder Experience allowed Cheeze to leverage the frictionless opt in via a Retweet, encourage registration to their platform, and drip feed exclusive content ahead of the NFT drops.
  • The Magic:
    • Twitter users were asked to Retweet a specific Tweet which opted them into the campaign.
    • The user will then receive an Instant Reply from @Cheeze confirming they've been opted-in and receive a website link to create their wallet on Cheeze.com - enabling them to be able to purchase the NFT Cameras.
    • Up until the drop opted-in users were served with Reminders counting down to the drop, and providing information on price and availability.
    • On the day of the drop opted-in users were served with the link to make the purchase!

  • Key Stats
    • 1,876 opt-ins
    • Sending over 7,074 reminders
    • ROI of 3,986% in the first 48hours of launching

"Blue Robot’s Reminder Experience had a huge impact on achieving our objectives with the NFT drop! Not only were we able to achieve high levels of sales within a short period of time, but the Experience allowed us to have effective engagement with our target audience at scale. Because of this, we’re excited to build in the solution to forthcoming NFT drops!” - Simon Hudson (Founder & CEO)"

About Cheeze Cheeze, Inc. is a photography focused NFT, Media & Entertainment company founded and operated by world-class entrepreneurs and entertainment veterans.
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