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Since Twitter sunset their own lead generation tool early in 2017, many customers have missed the ability to capture customer data for sales purposes.
Blue Robot has developed its very own lead gen tool that allows brands to capture a pre-defined set of customer data.

Define the fields your brand needs for qualified leads, and our tech does the rest. Have an existing CRM platform? No problem, we can feed the data directly into most 3rd party systems as it’s captured.

Our lead gen solution is a great way of measuring the effectiveness of Twitter as a channel, and linking this to tangible customer actions, and ultimately, sales.

Capture leads with 2 methods

Using a chatbot experience across both Twitter and Facebook, Blue Robot prompts the user for all required fields. Fields can be validated live by the chatbot for accuracy.

A website card within Twitter loads a mobile web page within Twitter, capturing all details required. Details are saved by Blue Robot or posted securely to a third party CRM platform.