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Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger provides brands with a high reach messaging environment to add value to their customers. Messenger offers a rich creative palette to brands such as carousels, images, video, file, audio and quick replies.

Twitter Direct Messaging

With Twitter’s release of Direct Messaging 2.0 brands now have a creative palette that is comparable to Facebook but with the major distinction that Twitter users are already well conditioned to interact with brands on Twitter in the messaging environment. One of the biggest reasons that users engage with brands on Twitter is for customer support, and Direct Messaging is the place where this should be taking place.

Whatsapp Business Messaging

Whatsapp has launched their Business Messaging API which enables us to offer Chatbots which have a potential audience of more than 1.5 Billion people. Whatsapp has become the default messaging app for most people around the world and is the perfect platform for customer support Chatbots.


Unified Messaging

Deliver a consistent messaging experience across Facebook & Twitter whilst taking advantage of each platform’s unique creative formats.

Artificial Intelligence

Our technology delivers a brand safe experience whilst taking advantage of some building blocks of Artificial Intelligence. Natural Language Understanding is a key element used to help identify the intent of each message and determine the best possible response. Nervous about AI? We can build set user journeys with finite options and responses.

Multi Session Context

Why does a Chatbot treat me like a complete stranger each time that I initiate a conversation? We believe that Chatbots should have historical context of all past conversations to deliver a more meaningful & personal experience.


Learning capabilities that reinforces correct responses and repair inaccurate responses mean that your Chatbot gets better every day.

Connect to Systems

We can connect your Chatbot to external data sources & systems to deliver a richer messaging experience to your customers. We’re also able to expose your Chatbot to other messaging environments such as WeChat or a web-based chat technology such as Intercom.

Best in Class

Along with the rapid rise in Chatbot use, platforms are ramping up their capabilities at a rapid pace. Our technology team works closely with Facebook & Twitter to ensure that you always have access to the latest creative formats and functionality offered by each platform.