• PRODUCT: Bespoke Microsite
  • CLIENT: Amstel
  • SHAREABILITY: 16,547 WhatsApp shares and 21,921 shares on all social platforms
  • CAMPAIGN GOAL: Exceeded by 1,083%
  • ENGAGEMENT & DIVERSIFICATION: Varying engagement levels on different platforms emphasised the importance of understanding the preferences and behaviours of users on each streaming service. While Spotify and Apple Music had higher engagement, the cumulative impact across all platforms contributed to an overall successful campaign.


For the highly anticipated Friends of Amstel (FOA) event, the brand took the approach of leading in innovative solutions providing a seamless user experience through Blue Robot, revolutionising the Friends of Amstel campaign. The brand’s goal was to progress up-and-coming musicians and incorporate this as part of the entry to WIN Tickets, whereby consumers would use the mechanic to stream the songs from the EP and choose their favourite track to have a valid entry.

The brand wanted to target over 18s, that love beer and music in Gauteng, South Africa.

The Friends of Amstel campaign drew entries from all nine provinces within South Africa, with Gauteng leading 87%. The overwhelming response from Gauteng can be attributed to the specific geo targeting for the promotion of this campaign as well the events urban influence.